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Meet Our Community School Coordinator

Ms. Lizette Hernandez

Hello! My name is Lizette Hernandez. Welcome to Garfield!

A bit about me. I grew up in Dallas, Texas but have lived in California for the last 9 years. This is my 5th year working at Garfield Community School and my 4th year as the Community School Coordinator. I have chosen to be a part of GCS because I truly love the community of students, family, and staff. The students are some of the best children I have ever worked with. They teach me so many things, and the families are caring and so hardworking. I love working in a school where I get to live out my culture and speak my first language, Spanish.

At Garfield, I plan on workin hard to support our families and students in whatever they need socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. I also hope to support students in continuing to grow as strong leaders who have a voice because I want them to know that they deserve to take up space and be heard. I believe that all students have important things to say and teach and I will remind them everyday that they are strong, smart, kind, and important. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work, laugh, and learn with your children. It is truly an honor to be in this community and serve you all.