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Our School Motto

At Garfield Community School, we are committed to greatness. We have a strong sense of identity and principles to inspire our students to achieve their best in the four areas of development: social, emotional, physical and intellectual.

 All over campus, students are reminded of the pillars that will guide their conduct and interaction with peers and staff as they learn to build strong characters on their way to becoming leaders. These pillars are supported by research and proven educational techniques. Our SEPI traits include:

Be humble: to develop in the student the ability to recognize the accomplishments of others and to enjoy their own accomplishments without making others feel bad.

Be just and compassionate: to learn how to show care and consideration for the feeling of others.

Be determined: to have the ability to continue to try to reach a goal even when things are difficult.

Be honest: to choose to be truthful.

Be responsible: to support the student on the acceptance and perseverance of duties that are part of his/her work and life.