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1st grade - Alvarez, Melanie

Melanie Alvarez

About Me:

Hello! My name is Melanie Alvarez. I grew up in East Los Angeles and I live in Menlo Park. I received my bachelor’s degree at USC and my teaching credential at Stanford University. This is my 2nd year
teaching at Garfield Community School and my 2nd year teaching
1st grade.

I have chosen to be part of the GCS because I believe in
having a strong community and in preserving Spanish-speaking
cultures as well as celebrating different languages and cultures
outside of our own. In our classroom, I plan on building a strong
community, even while we are distance learning. I also hope to
support students in gaining all the skills they need to continue to
learn and grow because I believe they are all capable of being
life-long learners, avid questioners, and creators of change. I
believe that all students have the ability to succeed and I will do all
I can to help them on this journey whether from the classroom or
virtually. Thank you for being such an integral part of this
community and your student’s story.

E-mail address:

Extension number: 4625