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3rd grade - Simarro, Sergio

About Me:

Hi everyone! Hola a todxs :) 

My name is Sergio Simarro Martinez, I am from A Coruña (Spain) and I have been living in the US for three years; I am currently living in San Francisco. I have been dedicated to education since 2013 and officially teaching since 2017. I received my Bachelor’s degree in the University of A Coruña, same college that I attended for my Master’s Degree in Research, innovation and proficiency in education

This is my 7th year teaching. My prior experience consists of two huge groups: I  had been working as an Elementary teacher in Spain for 4 years as well as I was Middle School teacher in Redwood City for two years. Now, I am back in Elementary in Garfield Community School.

As for my goals when it comes to teaching, I strive to help my students grow emotionally, academically, personally, socially and culturally. I want them to be life-long learners, empathetic citizens that can solve the diverse problems that our society might face in the future. I believe in social values, a sense of community and belonging to it, comprehending your past to act in the present and create a better future. Furthermore, I place huge value on ecology, environmental issues and conscious and active life. I try to engage them by creating a safe, human and warm space for them. Some of the aspects of my class are socioemotional learning, physical activity, social tasks, oral presentations,  teamwork, music, art and curiosity. We learn not only with our hands, but with the whole body. 

Finally, I love spending my free time surrounded by nature, practicing sports (hiking, snowboarding, surfing, climbing…), playing the guitar, interacting with my friends and family, reading or just exploring and discovering new things! I love learning and sharing what I know with the people around me. 

Some people say that “kids are the future of our society” . I’d rather think that we have to create a better present for them so that they can build a better future for themselves and for everyone.

I am looking forward to giving more information about me and my teaching style if you are interested :)

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