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4th grade - Sanchez, Maria

About Me:

Hello! My name is Maria M. Sanchez. I grew up in Toledo, a small city in the center of Spain and I live in San Francisco. I received my bachelor’s degree at Castilla-La Mancha University (Toledo, Sp), along with a Masters Degree in Media and Television at Carlos III University (Madrid, Sp). This is my 1st year teaching at Garfield Community School, my 2nd year teaching in California, and my 11th year teaching elementary students. I have chosen to be part of the GCS because I want to impact my students and share with them my values and also, to create a nice and safe environment for them. In our classroom, I plan on making my students feel capable of doing what they desire, having the ability to chase their dreams. I also want to support students in their emotional well-being because this can guide them to better understand, express, and handle their emotions. 

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