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TK- Zuk, Gabby

About Me:

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Anne Zuk. I grew up in Santa Clarita;
California, and now live in Menlo Park; California.

I received my Bachelor’s Degree at University of California at Santa
Barbara and my teaching credentials at San Francisco State University.
This is my first year teaching at Garfield Community School and my
17th year teaching Preschool-2nd Grade. I have chosen to be part of
the GCS because I believe in the Community School Philosophy,

In our classroom, I plan on incorporating my families’ and childrens’
voices, culture, interests and needs to create learning, an environment,
curriculum and teaching that supports equity, inclusion and joy.

I also hope to support students in learning through play and growing to
be children who are empowered, independent and highly motivated to
learn and be at school.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me.


E-mail address: