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Newcomer TOSA- Cubero, Vidal


About Me:

Hello! My name is Vidal Cubero Sobrados. I grew up in Salamanca, a little town in the middle of Spain. I moved to the United States thirteen years ago with my family and I have lived in San Mateo since 2019. I received a bachelor’s degree at Universidad de Salamanca and Universidad de Santiago de Compostela and my teaching credential at Universidad de Salamanca and Universidad de Barcelona. This is my 1st year teaching at Garfield Community School and my 21st year teaching different grades. I have chosen to be part of the GCS because of their inclusive community and incredible group of teachers. I plan and I hope to support newcomer students and teachers here and in other schools around the district. 

I was a newcomer myself 13 years ago, and I believe that all students can succeed if they work hard and they have the right support. I will try to help and share my experience with our students, teachers and district community. Thank you for a great welcome to this amazing school and district.

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