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SDC K/2nd - Cabahug, Teofilyn

About Me:

Hello! My name is Teofilyn O. Cabahug. I grew up in the Philippines and I live
in Redwood City California. I received my bachelor’s degree at Cebu
Technological University- Main Campus and my teaching credential at Cebu
Technological University- Main Campus. This is my First year teaching at
Garfield Community School and my first year teaching Kindergarten to Second
grade SDC. I have chosen to be part of the GCS because of its diverse
community that allows me to learn different culture. In our classroom, I plan
on working with my learners in establishing routine, make a difference and
establish good rapport and healthy relationship to everyone involve in the
learning process. I also hope to support students in their functional life skills
because I want to prepare them in their future endeavor to work
collaboratively with the people around them.
I believe that all students are unique and I will give out their good effort to
become better and their best.

Thank you for the amazing people in this school and the district that made my transition getting smoother day by

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